• The first company, Ausker Pacific Pty. Ltd. , formed in Melbourne, Australia on the 18th of September 1991. It was formed to ,primarily, service the Industrial Rubber markets in Australia and supply compatible raw materials and commodity products to general industrial companies servicing the, packaging, plastics and environment protection industries.

    From 1995 onwards, the growth of the company was exponential. Mr Jacob Cherian, sole director of Ausker Pacific transformed the company to an International Trading House with additional business opportunities that was evolved through an integrated supplier network around the globe.

    In the year 1999, Ausker Energies P/L and Ausker Power Company P/L were formed to focus on Renewable Energy Projects, mainly in wind farm development and investments. Ausker Power is currently engaged to trade in Natural Resources from Australia.

    In the year 2002, Australian Energy Resources P/L was formed to identify opportunities in Municipal solid waste management and water resource management. Australian Energy Resources are now with an American company, GO2 Water Solutions for various sewage treatment projects for Australia.

    In the year 2006, Aban Australia P/L was formed for developing Projects in the Bio Fuel and Green Crude areas. Aban is a major stake holder in R&D company, Muradel P/L , which focuses on green Crude and other sustainable products from microalgae.

    In the year 2010 Harrisons & Crosfield P/L was formed for import and distribution of quality Teas from Harrisons , India.

  • The Ausker Pacific business strategy evolves around identified market needs and opportunities, quality products supplied by quality suppliers and sold by quality distributors or direct to the user as the market requirements dictate.

    The products sourced, whilst diverse in type, all have a common thread…linked by markets, suppliers or distributors which are known and where "real" growth opportunities exist.

    Provide quality products and services at competitive prices which meet customer's requirements and develop mutually beneficial, strategic alliances with strong partners.

    Ensure all products meet and conform to Australian regulatory requirements including the dangerous goods act and code, occupational health, safety and environment protection regulations and codes.

    Adopt the TQM (Total Quality Management) approach in everything we do.

  • Provide outstanding levels of customer satisfaction through:

    The identification and conformance to customer requirements

    Super responsiveness to changing customer needs

    Competitive in attitude and pricing

    Possess a "can do" philosophy to meeting customer expectations


  • JACOB CHERIAN – Managing Director

    Born in Kerala, India

    Educated in the United Kingdom

    Master of Business Analysis and Financial Management

    Member of the British Business Graduates Association

    Certified Practising Accountant

    Business Experience: 22 years experience in the International trading of commodities to Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

    Extensive Financial Management experience in manufacturing with specific knowledge in "activity based management" concepts.

    Other positions held

    Director - Ausker Energies Pty Ltd

    Director - Australian Energy Resources P/L

    Director - Aban Australia P/L

    Director - Harrisons & Crosfield P/L

    ANTONY JAMES – Chief Financial Officer

    Over 30 years' experience in Merchant Banking and Finance

    STAN CHASEN – Sales and Marketing Manager

    Over 40 years experience in Retail, Manufacturing and

    Logistics. (Senior Buyer with Clicks Stores S

    Priceline / API)

    Gen Sales Manager - Heritage Fine Chocolates

  • The sourcing and supply of raw materials and products to the Australian and New Zealand:

    Rubber industry

    Automotive Industry

    Mining Industry

    Packaging industry

    Environment protection industries

    Products are sourced and imported from:





    United Kingdom


    South America

    Sri Lanka