We specialise in the provision and investment of water desalination plants and are committed to investing in technology to improve water conservation measures.

Australian Energy Resources has an affiliation with the Rittmeyer Group, suppliers of Desalination and other innovative solutions in automation and environmental technology.

Sewage Treatment

Working with Nature
GO2 Water takes a different approach to conventional Sewage treatment. The Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond Systems or AIWPS® Pond allows for multiple unit processes. The lengthened residence time in our primary pond allows for complete methane fermentation, resulting in no sludge. The top figure demonstrates the use of bacterial oxidation and algal photosynthesis in the AIWPS® Process. It is the conjunction of these two processes that makes the AIWPS® Process so unique. As a result, no sludge by-product is produced, and energy costs are minimized since photosynthetic oxygentation occurs rather than mechanical aeration. In a conventional treatment process, solar energy is not utilized, therefore, no algal photosynthesis occurs, and algae is not produced nor are nutrients assimilated. The lack of nutrient assimilation in conventional treatment leads to sludge accumulation and the release of greenhouse gases.